The Team

White Owl retreats was created by Lucie Andersen-Wood, Maddy Hill & Paula Ellis-Hill. We are passionate about life, yoga & dance, healthy food, loving ourselves & mindfulness.



Lucie Andersen-Wood


Lucie feels that the intensity of learning and personal development within a residential retreat allows people to really take stock of where they are and have the courage to develop insights and make changes that they may have been avoiding for years or decades even!


Lucie is is a psychotherapist and a qualified teacher of a form of yogadance called "Let Your Yogadance" which combines yoga poses and dance with powerful visualizations, meditations and great music to enable us to focus on 7 aspects of ourselves: our grounded self, courageous self, creative self, loving self, expressive self, thinking self & our peaceful self or spiritual self. ​



Maddy Hill


Maddy has a huge passion to encourage and help people to feel the best they can! She is a professionally trained dancer and both dances and teaches as well as enjoying spending quality time with the people close to her!


She loves meditation and sees mindfulness as an invaluable tool, along with good food and amazing company which is exactly what White Owl is all about! She can't wait to be a part of this amazing opportunity and meet more incredible people!




Paula Ellis-Hill


Paula is an experienced and passionate functional food specialist. for many years she has worked on retreats in Europe where she has prepared special diets for clients suffering with digestive and health problems. She runs interactive cookery classes in London and Hitchin. she enjoys experimenting with all kinds of fermented foods.


All of Paula's cookery demonstrations are straightforward and uncomplicated so that expert cooks and those with no experience can equally take her ideas and implement them at home. Come ready to change the way you eat-for a new healthier you!